The purpose of the Douglas County Revolving Loan Fund is to promote economic growth in Douglas County through recruitment, expansion and retention of business and industry by providing the necessary financing to fill gaps in local markets and thereby stimulate private sector capital formation and to serve as a 'pump primer' rather than a replacement for private commercial lending.

About Us

The Douglas County Revolving Loan Fund can provide below-market rate financing for land, buildings and equipment for projects located in Douglas County. The total amount of financing is based on the number and quality of jobs created. Interest rate will be determined by the Board of Directors on the date the loan application is approved.

Board of Directors

Dick Nystrom - President

Alan Jaques - Vice President

Linda Helenius - Treasurer

Susan Sandvick - Secretary

James Kehoe

Joye Bedard

Nick Baker

Bill Fennessey

Douglas Finn

Kay Johnson

Tom Stewart

Carolyn Pierce

Advisory Committee

Dick Nystrom

Larry Johnson

Joye Bedard

Rick Thoreson

Bruce Thompson

Douglas Finn

Jan Dalbec

Gary Elliott